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Site Name: Loyal Online | Cap 105 | Degree 11 | EU/CH | PVE | & More | Long Term | Vote4Silk
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Date Signed Up: Aug 07, 2015
Gold Member: No
Site Description: New Players won't be strong instantly. We tried to create a concept to keep a good balance to our loyal players which also shouldn't be too hard for upcoming players. You can mess with everyone with ease, if you are active. We are proud to prevent the server from Gold selling-pages, Our first server was very popular and had a lot of great features which was online for almost 2 years. During this time we have learnt about our failures and we won't let it happen another time, So if you are interested on trying our server we have a couple good features like the SRO-Job system,PvP-System,FGW System and Silk / H System and Loyal Online is a great choice, As we said we are focused on active jobbing & boting at mobs and FGW System. Also we care about our players by including their suggestions and supporting whenever we can,If you guys like our concept feel free to join us and lets have some fun because LoyalSRO is all about loyalty. We do not only work hard for our players but we accessly listen to them (Yes we accessly do that!). The work we did put in this project was insane because we wanted to make it not just perfect but enjoyable for every single players. Yes EU is hard to compete in PVP. But guess what?! We did balance it so you can have the most enjoyable gameplay on both side You have to know something about us, we don't do this for the money but of course for having an amazing server with amazing players who love to play Silkroad. If we ask Donation is to handle the server security,dedicated server and lets not forget our website!, Our team is not like every single team you see on they Internet trying to make a server and become successful the second night they opened. We want to be a long term server and not close after 5 months. Thats why we did buy our dedicated host for 3 years and not for 1 month like most of the new people in the game does. I'll be straight with you; Myself and my team didn't do this server for bad reasons. All we want is to have a special server where we can meet different kind of people and have some real fun like we used to have in the real Silkroad. We want to bring old times back to life. We are not searching for quantity, we want only quality! Everything that we will bring you in updates will be from players suggestion. Every single message that you will send us it will be taken care of. So let's be real for a second. I think everybody in the Silkroad community is searching for a balanced PVP server who can make you have an amazing time and won't make you spend hundreds of dollars to become the best in the server. People want a long term server and ourself want to stay for the longest time possible! Join us and you wont regret your choice. Our team is like a family we help each other out. I know all my team members in real life even if we don't live in the same country because our friendship has been going for 7 years straight! This server is made by Silkroad players just like you, we use to love this game since its started and we are still in love with it,thats why we want to finally make our own server to assure a stable and fun server!
Active: Yes

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