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Site Name: L2PVP Interude
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Date Signed Up: Jan 05, 2013
Gold Member: No
Site Description: Non-Custom Interlude Server! Starting Level 80! Max Level 85 Main + Sub Class! Every Class Learn 1 Special Skill at 84 Level! All Classes / Skills Edited 1 by 1 ! No Over Power Classes ! Global GateKeeper Special Olympiad Zone Special Leveling Zones Special Farming Zones Special Life Stone Zone Special PvP Zones All Clan Penalties Disabled! Castles ( All Castles Working ) Clan Halls ( All Clan Halls Working ) Clan Manager (With 1 Click Make your Clan lvl 8 include the requirements) Class Trader ( Free ) Custom Clan Rep. Item (D.Click - Gain 5.000 Reputation) Custom Skill Enchanter ( Enchant to all classes Skills) Vote Reward System Latest Updates! Full GM Shop ( All GM Shop Items For Some Adena ) OutLawz Tattoo ( Increase P.def / M.def / Hp / Cp ) PvP Name/Title Color System PvP-Pk Top Rank Extra Buffer (Offers Some Extra Buffs) Full Buffer (Also Have Ready Mage Set, Fighter Set) Max Buff Amount: 52 Debuffs Amount: 3 Safe Item Enchant: +3 Max Item Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 75% Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 100% ( Farmable ) Drop protection based on damage Player's Spawn Protect: 15 seconds Max Subclass: 6 Subclass without quest Weight Limit: No-Limit Olympiad System New Heroes ( Every 2 Weeks ) Olympiad Min Players: 5 Non-Classed Server Augmenter! Hero Player Announcement when logged into game! Lord of a Castle Announcement when logged into game! Killing Spree System 100% PvP System Reward ( At 100/500/1.000/2.000/5.000/10.000 PvP's Get Extra PvP Skill Reward! Pc Bang Points System, Include Pc Bang NPC Trader! Trade Chat (+) Only Noblesse Players Can Use! Global Chat (!) at 10 PvP Usable!
Active: Yes

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